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Alberto Chaves
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Al Chaves has always had a passion for the written word; first as an avid reader from a very early age, with time he would find himself putting his own words on paper. This love affair with writing lead him to seek ventures that involved working with such interest. His written work has found its way to some academic magazines, websites and blogs in a wide range of fields from pop culture to health topics.  He has also had experience in the world of radio broadcasting and SEO management, although, his true calling is the written word.

Smart investing: Buy extra electrodes for your TENS unit

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 14:17

When investing on an Electrotherapy unit, for personal or professional purposes, the smartest thing that you can do to fully maximize the experience is enhancing it with high quality electrodes.  Getting conductive gel to make sure the electric current you are receiving is fully transmitted is also important.

The Lord of the Ring cushions: The fellowship of comfort

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 08:05

Special needs require special aids, and in case of coccyx injuries and hemorrhoids, ring cushions are a necessity. Today we take a look at the three more sought after items on this category. We had a hands-on experience with all these items to further examine which is the ideal choice for our customers. Discount Medical Supplies kindly presents to you our bundled review of the Body Sport Ring Cushion, the Hermell Invalid Ring, and the Roscoe Medical Ring.

The Weight of the World: Overcoming a shoulder injury

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 15:00

People who have lived through a shoulder injury will often say that the rehabilitation is perhaps one of the hardest that you could go through due to how uncomfortable and awkward it might feel at times. While that might be true, no injury is pleasant; nursing and properly caring for this type of injury is vital for people to regain a normal life afterwards. Here is what you must keep in mind during the healing process in order to ensure a successful and complete recovery, preventing any further damage or exposure for re-injury.

Women with diabetes at risk of coronary disease

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 08:23

A recent study is stating that women that are suffering from diabetes can also be high at risk of developing coronary disease. Women with type-2 diabetes are twice as likely as men to suffer coronary disease, according to the American Heart Association. Published in the medical journal “Circulation”, the American Association asserts that, in relation to men, women with type-2 diabetes (insufficient production of insulin to control blood sugar levels in the blood) have some considerable drawbacks while confronting the disease. This report has also served as another platform for the American Heart Association to reinforce their recommendations for people with diabetes to increase the amount of physical activity they perform to reduce those risks, as well as checking their blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels.

Winter is coming: How to prevent common seasonal injuries

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 14:18

When winter comes, so do winter activities, and with winter activities sometimes seasonal injuries come as well. Here is a quick and simple checklist of the most common winter injuries, how to prevent them and how to treat them. This way you will be able to enjoy your winter activities with peace of mind and the knowledge of what to do in case of injury.

How to find the correct pillow to improve our sleep posture

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 08:08

Having a good quality sleep is very important for everybody, since this often translates into as how we feel throughout the day. It is important to bear in mind that back and neck pain and our posture have a direct relation to the position in which we sleep; thus, finding the correct sleep posture is essential.

UltraTENS II: It’s payback time!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 14:20

The UltraTENS II, as the name might hint, is the new and improved version of the combo unit of Ultrasound and TENS therapy. This combination of two pain relief therapies in one modern device provides the users, patients and physicians alike with a broad range of pain management possibilities. It is very easy to operate and it is completely portable, so the patient or therapist can take it wherever they go. It provides the deep heat from a 1 MHz ultrasound and the soothing sensation of a TENS unit. But, the question is: Is it worth a purchase?

Save big on Diagnostic Supplies with DMS!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 12:45

All practitioners and doctors shopping for diagnostic supplies at Discount Medical Supplies will be getting a pleasant surprise! For this week, we are having a special sale that awards you $20 off on your next purchase of $150 or more on this selected category. What a way to start the New Year, right? This exclusive promotion can only be found here and rest assured that it will give you the best prices in the web.

Start 2016 with big savings on Medical Supplies!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 11:04

Discount Medical Supplies wants to keep on giving as we begin 2016 with the great savings we held to close out 2015. In order to keep our customers happy and enjoying the best possible prices on the supplies they need we have extended our promotion for another additional week! That means that you will get $10 off your $75 order on all the items in our entire inventory. That’s right! For every single item in our store! Keep the savings coming your way on the first days of this New Year!