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Alberto Chaves
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Al Chaves has always had a passion for the written word; first as an avid reader from a very early age, with time he would find himself putting his own words on paper. This love affair with writing lead him to seek ventures that involved working with such interest. His written work has found its way to some academic magazines, websites and blogs in a wide range of fields from pop culture to health topics.  He has also had experience in the world of radio broadcasting and SEO management, although, his true calling is the written word.

Diabetic meters and strips

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 16:34

Diabetic meters and strips are part of a practice known as ‘self-monitoring of blood glucose.’ There is a third element that is of equal importance and that is lancets, also known as fingersticks or lancing devices. Since patients are responsible for their own blood glucose monitoring, they should adhere to a protocol that ensures not only the accuracy of testing, but also its safety. For example, using the right test strips. There are many different diabetic meter models and brands available and they should each be used with its corresponding strips to get correct results. This is especially true with meters that require the user to enter a code every time they open a new bottle of strips; failing to do so may result in inaccurate results. This step can be circumvented with no code meters and strips. Test strips should be stored and transported appropriately, and discarded as soon as they expire.

Diabetic patients are advised to use disposable lancets. That of course entails a constant expenditure that could be avoided by using a reusable fingerstick. If that’s your case, make sure that you do not share lancets with anyone else, under any circumstances. Actually, you should not even share the glucose meter either, but if you do, clean it and disinfect it immediately after each use, according to the product’s instructions. If there are no instructions regarding that, it’s best to simply refrain from sharing it. Why? Because HBV and other infectious agents can be indirectly transmitted through the meter even when there is no visible blood. Whatever you do, don’t assume that the meter never comes in contact with blood. As it turns out, meters that require test strip pre-loading may come in contact directly with the user’s fingerstick wound.

Where do I get cheap medical supplies?

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 12:52


As patients and caregivers, we constantly try to find the best quality in our medical supplies, but usually that means spending high amounts of cash and then end up buying generics or low ranked products. We have a constant concern in our minds besides our health situation... "Where do I get cheap medical supplies?" and that shouldn't be the case.

What if I told you there is a place that cares more for providing patients and caregivers with the best medical supplies in the market and the finest customer service at a low price? A place where their main concern is your quality of life no matter what your medical condition might be? Hard to believe right?

Well, there is such place, an online store in which you the customer, mother, father, doctor or patient, are the main concern in their vision.

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