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Al Chaves has always had a passion for the written word; first as an avid reader from a very early age, with time he would find himself putting his own words on paper. This love affair with writing lead him to seek ventures that involved working with such interest. His written work has found its way to some academic magazines, websites and blogs in a wide range of fields from pop culture to health topics.  He has also had experience in the world of radio broadcasting and SEO management, although, his true calling is the written word.

The unknown danger of love handles!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 16:25

Not to give too much information about my life, but my wife has said that she loves my love handles… she won’t after reading this. Abdominal fat can be an indicative of a more serious and real possibility of a premature death, this is according to a research published by the “Annals of Internal Medicine”. This report is making the controversial claim that excess in belly fat increases the risk to our health, even in those people who fancy themselves as thin or “in shape” (very generously put).

Have no fear! Discount Medical Supplies’ savings are here!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 09:22

As we reach the middle of November and the holiday season is right around the corner, Discount Medical Supplies is ramping up the savings and special deals that we have available for our registered practitioners and physicians. This week we want to provide you with a grand 15% discount on all wound care and diagnostic supplies off your order of $150 or more.

What’s the best type of shipping? Free shipping, of course!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 09:44

Discount Medical Supplies wants to shake things around and do something different for our weekly promotion that is why we are offering a brand new promotion exclusively for our registered members. All Drive Medical products in our inventory will have FREE shipping! Save huge with this great new promotion and get some of the most essential medical supplies that you need for you or your loved ones.

Sadness and Depression: The Thin Red Line

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 14:58

Often we tend to confuse sadness and depression, it is fairly normal to suffer from one or the other and not being sure to tell them apart. We can try to look at it with a magnifying glass and see the obvious differences, but there is a very thin line that divides both. Doctors are not spared of this problem and sometimes may err in its diagnosis. In order to help establish some basic guidelines, Discount Medical Supplies presents some easy and effective ways to help determine the difference between the two.

Fall discounts in Discount Medical Supplies!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 09:51

Whenever a new week comes along you can be sure that Discount Medical Supplies will be offering a brand new special promotion that you will not want to miss. This time, starting on Monday November 9th we are offering a 15% discount on all orders over $150 on specially selected categories. An ideal promotion for all our registered Doctors and Practitioners.

Get more for you money with Discount Medical Supplies!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 12:08

Discount Medical Supplies is definitely living up to its name with this brand new weekly promotion. Following our running tradition of providing our customers every week with brand new promotions and discounts to drive our low all the way down, we are glad to present our latest installment. Starting this Monday November 9th we are giving a big 10% discount on all order over $75 on specially selected categories. 

Pain management: Seth Rollin’s combined ACL/MCL injury

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 14:59

 Among the many uses for Pain Management therapy methods, for people dealing with knee injuries, it can be a true blessing. The dreaded ACL/MCL injury is rare, painful and it puts people who suffer from it out of commission for almost six months. Cold therapy and TENS units can help mitigate the pain, but that’s just the beginning. Coming back from this injury demands so much more. This is the unfortunate case of Colby Lopez.

TRUEtrack Glucose Meter: Essential Diabetes Medical Supplies

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 15:50

 The TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Meter is one of the most popular and sought after Diabetic Meter Kits in Discount Medical Supplies, for very simple reasons. It is affordable and accurate. With the American Diabetes Awareness Month upon us, we present you with one of the essential Diabetes medical supplies that a person dealing with this condition must know and own.  Among the many other option for Glucose monitors this one stands out and here you will find out why.

Medical Supplies for Plantar Fasciitis

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 16:16

If you know what plantar fasciitis is, very likely you flinched when you read the title of this article. If that happened, chances are that you have experienced from severe heel pain at some point of your life and you had this annoying and painful sensation running from your heels, and it is particularly intense when getting up from bed or from being seated.  If you are currently experiencing this type of discomfort, here you will find an explanation of what you are going through and ways that you can soothe the pain with some changes in your every day habits and the aid of some medical supplies.

The CareTec IV: Pain management TENS and so much more!

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 16:26

In our list of best sellers it is a common thing to find the CareTec IV Unit among the list of products every month. Our customers seeking pain management tens units are often drawn to advanced options in Electrotherapy. Most of them tend to gravitate to this unit, because this device is capable of providing four separate electrotherapy modes: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Interferential Stimulation, and Russian Stimulation. This many treatment variables make this item versatile and very popular among patients and physicians. However is this item worth your hard earned money?