5 items you should keep in your caregiver Batman utility belt


Caregivers may not have superpowers but they do have power-ups available that they can use to gain extra abilities, such as the following.

·         GreatCall Touch 3 Smartphone. This Samsung Galaxy smartphone comes with pre-installed applications that allow care receivers to be more independent while at the same time enabling caregivers to keep track of their aging family members even from a distance – updating them on where their relatives are, what they’re doing, and whether they have taken their medications. In addition to all of that, it works just like a smartphone, only it’s much easier to use.

·         TLC Vibe. We’re not talking about the hip hop trio TLC on the cover of Vibe magazine, but about the TLC Vibe digital alarm clock. This wireless small cube has two types of alarms; one is very loud and the other is actually a silent vibrating wristband alarm. Both are ideal for people who are hard of hearing, and the latter is specifically designed not to wake other people up. Furthermore, the clock is portable and the vibrating wristband can be charged through an USB cable included with the clock – which in turn is powered by 3 AAA batteries – making it perfect to travel with.

·         Be Close senior safety system. Residents, families, and caregivers can remain in contact through this aging-in-place technology. Wireless sensors are easily and inconspicuously installed around the house, allowing you to track your relative’s comings and goings through a private website. Additionally, real time phone, email, or text message alerts are sent whenever a disruption is detected.

·         Pill Organizers. Sometimes aging individuals forget to take their medications; other times they forgot they have already taken it and take it again. Both instances can potentially lead to serious side effects. Fortunately, a pill organizer can reduce the incidence of missed dosages and double-dosing. More elaborate models include alarms that keep reminding patients that it is time for their meds. Most doctors agree that taking prescription medications at the same time every day improves their effectiveness.

·         Virtual medicine. Face time with a doctor is invaluable, but there are occasions in which a virtual doctor’s visit – by phone, video call, or otherwise – would more than suffice. Moreover, it would certainly relieve the caregiver’s burden, for instance when it comes to time spent driving to and from medical appointments. There are alternatives such as the Glucose Buddy app which can measure blood sugar and send the readings to the doctor.

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