8 Long Distance Caregiving Tips

caregiving tips

If a loved one lives far away and they are in need of care, there are ways to help you with long distance caregiving. Our Discount Medical Supplies team, have compiled 12 tips for you to be able to be ‘present’ and be able to help even though you might be miles away apart.

A lot of families, for many diverse reasons, might not live close to each other. When one of the family members might require for professional help, this could put a lot of stress and guilt for the relatives who are not closer by. However there are ways to go around that obstacle and still be useful and helpful. You might be able to provide emotional support for the primary caregiver, coordinate more “administrative” tasks for caring for your loved one such as coordinate services, in-home care, and manage the medical bills. Here is a 8-item list of tips for you to go over with your family to make things easier.

  1. Gather all the information and documentation available about your loved one’s medical condition, legal documents, financial status, insurance information, medical history and such. Keep them carefully organized as all the pertinent information might be very useful in different scenarios.
  2. Arrange a family meeting to discuss openly and freely the situation you are going through and to divide duties. Speak honestly and freely to the other members of your family and look to each other for comfort. In troublesome times, union and support among each other is essential.
  3. If your loved one is dealing with an illness or a special condition that has caused for the to require care. Take time to educate yourself and your family on what that condition is. Getting all the accurate and true facts will help everybody prepare for times of crisis and how to act accordingly.
  4. Once duties have been divided and you have all the information in order, be sure to prepare for any special emergency that might arise at any given moment. Take precautions such as having a special budget in case you might need to travel and inform yourself about the Family and Medical Leave act.
  5. Smartphones and the Internet can work hugely in favor for long distance caregiving. Send quick digital movies of yourself, call them, if you can videoconference to send them love and messages of encouragement. They will truly value you taking the time and reaching out to them.
  6. If it need be, discuss with your family members about the possibility of hiring a professional to help assist with the care of your loved one. This is of course if there is no possibility for a family member to be able to fulfill that task. Also make sure that your family member has the necessary medical supplies required and make sure that they have everything that they might need.
  7. Whenever possible, pay your loved ones a visit. Be with them and make the most out of your time with them. Make yourself useful and help with whatever task they might need performing, doing so will not only help them bu it will make you feel better about being there for them.
  8. While visiting, take some time to actually be with your loved ones. Talk to them; spend some quality time with them. In times like these, love will make a difference.

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