Art therapy and Alzheimer’s

The mind, there are ways to breakthrough the walls and breach through to shine a light to that part within where our true self lies.  Dementia patients might be stripped of their skills to communicate verbally, therefore hindering the ways they have to express how they are feeling. Art therapy provides them with a non-threatening outlet, it can bring a way to be able to reach to the inner fiber of their being and be able to breakthrough. Art Therapy has been demonstrated to be effective in getting patients to unravel and come out of their shells by the process of art making. Whether it is painting, sculpting or drawing.  

Art Therapists unanimously report that by providing a form of channel of expression for Alzheimer’s patients, can ring wonder to the well being of the patient. And adjacently, it helps the patient’s families as well. For example, art making allows or a way of interaction and bonding between a dementia patient and children relatives, who might be frightened by their condition. Therapists, who have employed this method, state that the patients experience joy and fulfillment of being able to create something.

The activities that are more effective with dementia patients are drawing, painting and sculpting. Other activities like music or writing tend to be more complicated for them to accomplish in most cases. When creating art, it is most beneficial and effective if the patient is encouraged to evoke memories of their past. It is important to point out that dementia patients at times might behave like children, and like children, you should taken proper precautions and always provide them with safe and harmless materials.

It is crucial to remember and let the dementia patient know that these are no-failure activities, and always provide them with positive reinforcements and compliments for their efforts. Therapists explain that when Alzheimer’s patients dedicate themselves to art making, they are able to tap into their true self and it will allow us to take a peak into their mind.