Best Part of Caregiving: Once you experience it, you will understand!

Being a caregiver is no walk in the park. Those of us who have been caregivers know exactly what that means. One of the most overrated, yet extremely significant terms that you will read and hear about when you become a caregiver is: Caregiver Stress.  Yes, you will have to take care of yourself as a human being in every level (social, emotional, health, personal) to avoid being caught by this silent threat, however, this will not be one more caregiver stress article where the obvious is stated. On the other hand, let’s talk about the bright, positive and beautiful aspects that being a caregiver will deliver into your life and especially into your heart.  The first and uttermost gift that you will receive from being a caregiver is an emotional one. You will feel the reward and compassion take over your soul.  Although it not a motivator to take on a caregiver job, it is without a doubt a sweet outcome for you.

Not everyone becomes a caregiver because they want to; sometimes they have no choice. However others are born with an altruist passion to serve others.  Some people acquire it throughout the lessons of life.  Regardless of how caregiving comes into your life though, it will always be worth your while.  We might not make history like Irena Sendlerowa when she saved all those children escape the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust, however we will make history in our hearts, the hearts of those we care for and we will set an example for younger generations. When we care for someone, we are touching that person’s life in ways we never imagined possible. Compassion can go a very long way.

What makes you a true caregiver even if you don’t have experience (yet) on how to care for someone? Caregivers have many special and unique qualities. Some of those are:

·         When you put the needs of others before yours.

·         When you are patient and understanding.

·         When you are realistic and have your feet on the ground.

·         When you believe you can and you will make a change.

·         When compassion is your religion.

·         When you feel you can achieve anything if you work hard.

·         When you are able to develop healthy personal relationships.

·         When you have constructive ways to help others.

Why is caregiving so rewarding? 

Imagine seeing someone who has a physical or intellectual disability smile and lead a healthy life all because of your care and your own doing.  You will be changing your life style and readjusting your priorities to ensure someone’s life is directly impacted in a positive and healthy way.  That feeling that this creates upon you is something that has to be experienced to be understood. By personal experience I can say honestly say that being a caregiver is one of the most beautiful things I have ever done. It made me a better person in every sense of the word.

Another reward of being a caregiver is the knowledge you acquire while you are at it. You learn about medication, first aid, doctors, balance books, shopping intelligently, planning, among others. Everything you learn during your time as a caregiver will be of great use for life situations that may come your way.

Caring for yourself

Yes! I know you might be immersed in how hard caregiving can be and enjoying that beautiful feeling of helping someone at the same time. It’s important that you keep one thing in mind. If you don’t take care of yourself, the joy you have found in caregiving will not last too long.  When you begin to care for someone, you have to understand that you are as important as your care-receiver and that if something happens to you, there might not be anyone to take your place.  Love yourself, respect yourself, and take care of yourself at the same extent you are caring for your love one or care-receiver.