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caring-for-the-caregiverCaregivers without a doubt have the most dignified job on earth.  Being one of the hardest jobs to fulfill, we know how crucial it is to have the necessary caregiving medical supplies available at all times.  At Discount Medical Supplies we understand that the comfort, safety and independence of the patient and the caregiver may be impacted in a negative way by the absence of even the most common supply.

Discount Medical Supplies has proven to be the best and most efficient online medical supply store for caregivers to trust and rely on.  We want to help you because as a caregiver you deserve the best service and attention just like the one you provide to your patient or loved one. 

Listed below,caregivers will be able to see the most popular products engineered to simplify their lives and at the same time provide safety, and comfort to the person they are caring for.

Bed Pads and Underpads :  Protecting mattresses and furniture is now extremely easy with the variety of bed pads and underpads.  With high absorbency layers these can be machine washed and dried.  Also use them to provide protection from bed baths.

Discount Medical Supplies also carries disposable underpads if you are on-the-go and need to protect car seats, chairs and beds.

Take a quick tour through all the pages of our Incontinence Products catalog and begin shopping today.

For minor incontinence, the Prevail Bladder Control Pads have proven to be amazing.

Hydraulic Patient Lifts can be a caregivers' dream come true.  Managing a bedridden patient can be very difficult and impacting on the lower back.  Patient lifts will make the job easier.


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For example, the Uplift Seat Assist is a great product as the user will be able to simply lean forward and the cushion will automatically assist them to stand providing a gentle upwards push.

Another great product to have around as a caregiver is a transfer board.  They allow patients to be transferred fromtheir wheelchair to another sitting space or bed and vice-versa.  Using these transfer boards will decrease the risk of injury to the caregiver and the patient.

Discount Medical Supplies has a variety of transfer boards to choose from:

MabisDmi Healthcare Plastic Transfer Board

Solid Hardwood Transfer Board

SafetySure Double Notched Wooden Transfer Boards

and more...

Caregivers will love the array of raised toilet seatsbecause they can allow the patient or user to go to the bathroom on their own.  Having a sense of independence restores anyone's dignity in cases like these.

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The Carebag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad Medical grade bag is equipped with a super absorbent pad that turns all body fluids into a gel. This willavoid spills and splashes and will enhance the comfort on caregivers and their loved ones.

Caregivers are also contacting us every day for the many rollators, walkers,and wheelchairs that they find in our online catalog.  These mobility aids have become essential items to have available for those who are being cared for.

The E-Series Rollator with Padded Seat is one of the most popular rollators for its design and affordable price.

We want to serve all caregivers the best we can and make their job easier.  By providing the best products for caregivers at the most affordable prices we know we are making a difference in the lives of their loved ones as well.  That is what we strive for, to make caregivers feel like them too are being cared for.

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