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Around eighteen months ago, Mike Eidsaune, the co-creator of Care Monster, came to a point in which it was hard for him and his family, of around 15 members, to come together and set a good plan to take care of his great grandma. Certainly all of them were engaged and wanted to be involved; however, they didn't have a way to connect everyone around grandma. They all live within an hour from her and it was impossible to get them all on the same page. That’s when he came up with the idea of an innovative mobile app; an app that would get the entire family connected with each other and give them a way to communicate around their grandma. To have them all coordinate and communicate on when they would visit and report back to the family on how they found her during that visit, both healthy and emotionally. That way they could prevent things like, overlapped visits and keep grandma feeling loved and cared for by the entire family.  This app would not only help Mike and his family but other families as well. The name… Care Monster, a family centric app that cares.

Mike didn’t have any background in the healthcare industry. In fact, his studies were in finance, but as an entrepreneur at heart saw this as a huge opportunity to help families struggling with the demands and stress of caregiving. The main goal of Care Monster is to have a positive impact to people’s lives, “Our mission is to help families caring for loved ones” said Mike, and that is without doubt what they are starting to accomplish.

One of the first steps taken towards creating this app and launching it was to connect with the providers -care facilities, hospices, homecare companies- and ask them what families needed; most of them came back with the same response: a quick and simple communication tool that could also have great marketing potential for the providers. At first their main challenge, besides knowing little of the industry, was to develop the app in-line with their vision and the target market. The app had to be user friendly, created for people who might not be so familiar with using a Smartphone or better yet an application. Thankfully, we now see the positive result of this easy to use app with big buttons, big fonts and that is also very intuitive.

Another obstacle that Mike and his company saw, is the lack of innovation in some -not all- parts of the long term care industry. According to Mike, “some care facilities are skeptical of new technology”. But this has driven Mike to keep pushing forward. He says, "Families need help and they look to the professionals for the best and most innovative solutions. So I have to keep working to find progressive care providers that believe in what we are doing and the value we bring to their families." Caregivers are reaching higher numbers daily. Today 4 out of 10 adults in the US now care for a sick or elderly relative and almost half of all adults expect to be doing so in the near future. “The number of people available to care for others is going down, while the number of people needing care is going up. This ratio is going to have a huge impact on families lives now and into the future", said Mike.

Today Mike is in constant communication with the family members using Care Monster, who can provide feedback within the app. He also talks to the providers, who bring new ideas to Mike for complementary features for the app to make it more interactive.

With big leaps come big responsibilities but also big rewards, and that is something that Mike sees every day. The care industry is full of people with big hearts, whose sole purpose is to care for others, which Mike says, "is a daily humbling experience."

Up to the day of this interview, Care Monster has had over 400 downloads and is expecting more. They also have 15 different care providers across 29 locations. To date, Care Monster has been focused in the Ohio Area, since that’s where Mike and his company are located; however, Mike has plans to bring the application nationwide in the near future… hopefully internationally as well.

A caregiver needs all the help he or she can use, and making life easier for them ultimately leads to good quality of life for their patients and loved ones. An app like Care Monster, with its positive goals and features is only the tip of the iceberg in what is becoming the path of trailblazers in the caregiving industry.

Please feel free to share this article and leave your comments. We have also added a podcast recording of my conversation with Mike along with a fun video that illustrates Care Monster's value to the family and the providers who offer it. Also, if interested in learning more about Care Monster visit their site Also make sure to follow them on Twitter @caremonster

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