Caregiver Fatigue: Not a reason to feel guilty

Reason to fell guilty
Having too much in your mind, juggling with all the demands of taking care of someone can lead up making you feel overwhelmed and find yourself conflicted by any negative thoughts. Caregiver fatigue is not a reason to feel guilty, but it is a state of exhaustion that should not be taken for granted.

This burnout sensation affects the caregiver in all aspects, physically, mentally and emotionally. It can bring a person to change their attitude towards the person he or she cares for and making them go from a loving and selfless demeanor to a careless and unconcerned mood. This exhaustion presents itself when a caregiver doesn’t accept help from someone else once in a while to take a break and just rest.

Feelings of stress, anxiety and therefore depression are by no means part of a caregivers attitude and once a caregiver realizes they are feeling this fatigue they start feeling guilty and punish themselves. We are all humans and cannot be expected to act like robots and show no emotion. Caregiving is a job for the brave but bravery is truly accepting your flaws and making them your advantage. Caregivers have big hearts to make room for that other person they care for, but that big heart could be threatened by negativism if the proper protective measures are not taken.

Respite care is there for a reason. Caregivers around the world agree that they all need a time for themselves every now and then to keep their sanity and physical strength. Caregivers are true heroes but not superheroes, to delegate their tasks to take a breather is no sin in their labor and should not be seen with eyes of guilt.

A break may seem like a luxury that reaches the impossible for some caregivers since they have a busy schedule. However it is a necessary luxury that brings positive results not only for the caregiver but for the patient. If you see your description above be sure to speak up, and run daily check-ups on yourself to avoid caregiver fatigue. There are many ways out there to help you manage your condition and take the weight off your shoulders when you need it. Be willing to let go some of the control because if not, you will lose that control and be a victim of caregiver fatigue.

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