Caregiver Relief in action: Respite Care

Respite care
What starts as an act of love and compassion, can turn sour quickly, that is why a caregiver relief, in the form of respite care, is a much-needed solution to the overwhelming stress that caregivers go through every day. Even those who care for loved ones, can experience caregiver burn out (read more about caregiver burnout in this piece by Discount Medical Supplies’ own Jennifer Stradlin here).

Caring for the elderly, disabled or the chronically ill is a demanding and relentless job that can really take its toll on the caregiver. Frankly it is a task that no one person can do effectively alone. That is why respite care can be a lifesaver. In short, what it means is that respite care, means caring for the caregiver. Sharing the responsibility and allowing for the caregiver to have much needed rest and support.  As the world turns, we are on the verge of seeing a large increase in the population of senior in America, as it is expected to double in size by the year 2030, by that measure the number of caregivers will be proportionately larger by that time and the importance of dealing with the issue of caregiver relief now is critical.

What can you do?

If you are a caregiver, or if a loved one is a caregiver, a conversation needs to be had with the rest of the family. To make things easy for everyone is important that the needs of your loved-ones and the caregiver are understood and reviewed. A caregiver might need having a day or two off to rest, have time for themselves, ideally someone could take over their responsibilities so they can rest. Additionally finding other members of the family can assist in some of the duties for the caregiver are also very valuable inputs. Assisting in transportation, performing chores or getting medical supplies needed by the person being cared for.

Helping furnish the premises and accommodating them to fit the needs for your loved one can also be of great help. Providing adequate stings for the bedroom and bathroom for the person being cared for will make the tasks of the caregiver much easier.

Communication is key when it comes to providing caregiver relief, as a caregiver they face a monumental task daily and it is a natural reaction to these situations to keep emotions bottled up. Support among family members is extremely important, as well as the involvement of the caregiver in specialized support groups in your community can help carry the burden and make the task seem much easier. 

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