Caregivers Are Heroes Among Us

Caregivers are heroesCaregiving is without a doubt one of the most important tasks a person can take on.  Although this demanding role brings many exhausting strings attached to it, it is one of the most self-gratifying jobs yet. It is by no means easy and we are never prepared for something of that caliber. Caring for a spouse, mom or dad, son or daughter, or a love one, requires time, effort, a lot of hard work but especially good will.  Being a caregiver will challenge you emotionally, physically and intellectually. For everything that revolves around being caregiver, Discount Medical Supplies shelters all those heroes among us with important tips, valuable information and of course great prices on all products needed by the loved ones they are caring for. 
One of the most important aspects that caregivers unfortunately oversee is their own well-being and health. Let us look at some numbers:
-Currently, 29% of the population in the Unites States (65 million people) is caring for someone who is disabled, suffering from a chronic condition, or simply aged.  In average per week, these caregivers spend 20 hours if not more looking after their love one. 
-Data shows that 23% of caregivers who have been taking care of someone for over 5 years have said that their health is poor or fair and that it has been deteriorating through the years since they started as caregivers. 
-Caregiving stress, when caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer,  has been proven to affect the caregiver's immune system. This keeps going on even 3 years after they have ceased to take care of that person also increasing the possibilities of suffering a chronic condition. 
-About 72% of these heroes have reported that they do not visit the doctor as often as they should be doing it. 55% are even skipping doctor consultations for themselves. 63% of caregivers have accepted to have poor eating habits in comparison to non-caregivers and 58% say they do not exercise as much or at all since their caregiving responsibilities began.
-1 in 10 (if not more) of caregivers have said that the deterioration of their health is due to their caregiving role.  They have been subjected to caregiver stress that has even led them to age prematurely taking up to 10 years off their own life. 
Having read these few statistics, it is important that the caregiver population be cared for as well. Never should a caregiver neglect their own health and happiness due to their role. Although at first it might be hard to manage everything and basically juggle two lives (their own and their loved one)at a time, there is always a way. Nowadays countless resources and institutions have been created solely to protect and aid the caregiver. In the words of Mother Teresa,  "He who does not live to serve, is not worthy of living."  Those who live to serve, such as caregivers, deserve attention and caring for the time they put into our society. 

"He who does not live to serve, is not worthy of living..."