The Caregiver's Fight against Bedsores

Fight against bedsoresA menace that caregivers have to watch out for when they are taking care of a loved one who is bedridden is the complicated existence of bedsores.  They are a dangerous peril that bedridden patients unfortunately are prone to deal with.  In medical terms, these bedsores are called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers.  Patients who are considered long-term care and have to spend most of their time on a bed lying down are the ones who commonly get them. 
Bedsores come about when blood flow is restricted to a specific part of the body for a very long time.  When the patient is not able to change positions or when it gets hard for the caregiver to be turning them on different positions, the tissue damage happens. 
Heels, elbows, and derriere are the parts of the body that are mainly affected by bedsores. When the patient is not able to shift positions or balance their body weight on their bed they are subjected to suffering a dramatic wear and tear of their skin and it can become a complicated wound to treat and even turn into life-threatening situation. 
Caregivers need to thoroughly inform themselves of bedsores and what are the best steps to avoid them or to treat them.  The proper and prompt medical attention when you first notice the formation of these sores is the first step to stop them or prevent them from happening again.  Besides the recommendations of a physician, it is important to consider alternate products that you you can find at affordable online stores such as Discount Medical Supplies. 
One of the most popular solutions is the Genesis I Fixed Pressure Pump and Pad System
This mattress cover pad is designed with a technology that inflates and deflates in alternate time patterns consequently increasing and decreasing the pressure on the skin. This results in a relief of pressure on the areas that are always in contact with the bed. 
 Another great solution that can be used for the prevention and the treatment of these types of ulcers is called the Legacy Alternating Pressure System .
This system promotes blood circulation throughout the entire body.  It also eliminates the pressure against bedsores.  This product comes equipped with a silent pump that produces 8 litres per minute every 10 minutes.  The pump comes with LED indicators and 20 air bladders that increase the patient's comfort. 
There are also other products that are not as technological and sophisticated that work very effectively.  The Sofsheep Genuine Sheepskin Pad is made of 100% medical sheepskin. 
It protects heels and elbows and prevents decubitus ulcers.  They are also designed to be ultra absorbent for those incontinent patients who are bedridden and may be prone to bedsores. 
These are only three of the main products that can be used in the fight against bedsores. Other products worthy to mention are:
and more... 
Bedsores are extremely dangerous yet avoidable.  Products like the ones mentioned above are indeed great solutions to promote healing and comfort for the patient who needs this type of care. Contact Discount Medical Supplies today for more information on any of these supplies!