Caregivers Medical Supplies: Have What You Need if Disaster Hits!

Caregivers medical suppliesAs a caregiver, you must be ready for anything, literally!  Caregivers' medical supplies and accessories should always be at hand in case of any emergency.  Eight years ago for example, Hurricane Katrina made a landfall as a Category 3 hurricane and ripped through the land turning into a historic tragedy in the memory of the country.  With 1,833 confirmed deaths and thousands of homes grounded, it unfortunately proved how unprepared caregivers were as many of the lives lost were disabled people and their caregivers who refused to leave them behind.

Regardless of where you live, caregivers should always be prepared for situations like Hurricane Katrina. All caregivers' medical supplies and necessary equipment needed by the patient should be placed in strategic position or even duplicated to always have extra items ready for an escape route.  An evacuation plan must be place and rehearsed at least three times a year or if the patient goes through any changes that might compromise the failure of the plan.

In emergencies and natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or fires you may be required to transport your loved one to a safe place.  However, not all boils down to that.  Your love one might depend on specific caregivers' medical supplies to breathe or to alleviate a specific symptom from a condition, and knowing how to move around with these supplies during an emergency will require planning.

The first step you have to take to achieve a successful evacuation plan is to study the possible exits that you and your loved one can take to get out of the house. Take in consideration any baggage you have to bring along caring all the caregivers' medical supplies needed to tend to your loved one.  Make sure you do not over pack so that it does not become a factor of slowing you down.  Make sure that before you take shelter, you have a phone and a list of emergency numbers along with the addresses to loved ones homes.

As radical as it may seem, consider modifying your living space. During Hurricane Katrina final reports showed that some of the victims did not make it out on time because they had a hard time getting their bedridden loved ones out of their bedrooms and down staircases for example. So make sure that any big caregiver's medical supplies fit through doors or in easy to carry bags as well. After this tragedy, many people opted for having their bedrooms close to the exit doors and on ground level.

Another very important factor that needs to be taken in consideration is the type of caregiver medical supply that your loved one is using.  For example, if they are in need of an oxygen machine that is power supplied by electricity, portable oxygen tanks should always be available in case of a power failure. During hurricanes and very strong earthquakes, the power will most likely go down from minutes to even hours.  Flashlights, extra blankets, bottled water, a portable toilet are only a few among other things that you need to consider having around and ready for any emergency.

You might want to go far enough to inform your local police department that you are a caregiver and that you are caring for a love one with a specific condition, especially if they are bedridden or disabled. This will allow them to know that in case of a natural disaster or emergency you might need extra assistance in taking shelter. These are only a few good tips that will help you and your loved one increase the chances of survival during and after a disaster.