Caring of the Elderly at Home

Elderly at home

I not exactly an expert on caring of the elderly at home although I am a caregiver of my children and an assistant caregiver (if that's even a job description) of my grandparents.  However, I have been blessed with a job that has allowed me to immerse into the world of caregiving globally but more importantly has allowed me to get closer in a world of caregiving that I never knew my family was going through.

Last week my grandpa fell suddenly.  You can read all about it in my blog.  It was a big scare to all of us, and a wakeup call to take precautions as soon as possible.  My grandpa suffers from dementia, prostate cancer, and low blood pressure.  All these conditions came together during the course of the last few years. Before that, my grandpa had a full and healthy life.  Our duty as his family and caregivers:  Intensify his quality of life to the fullest.

After the emergency was handled and we knew that he was fine I started looking around where he fell and realized that maybe if his surroundings would have been more suitable for caring of the elderly at home, maybe this or future accidents waiting to happen will be avoidable.  

There are so many options to gear up a house and make it suitable for an elderly loved one.  There are countless stores and online stores that offer great prices for all the necessary items to make your house "grandpa and grandma safe" starting with the bathroom which is where many of the fatal accidents happen.  My grandpa has always been independent and strong.  He would never accept any of us helping him shower.  First thing we are getting him is a bath transfer bench or stool. There are so many out in the market so we need to be sure according to the bathroom size and his needs. Every person who is caring for an elderly at home should consider one of these.

One more accessory we are getting, actually several of them, will be grab bars. There are countless types and normally you see them in the bathroom, but grab bars can be placed in any wall of the house you consider serves as a good support wall will do. If you are in a similar situation, take the time to study the surrounding of your house and determine where grab bars can be placed.

Against their will we believe getting both my grandpa and grandma a commode each is a great idea.  My grandma has also had a couple of falls and one of them was because she got up in the middle of the night and while trying to make it to the bathroom in the dark room she lost her balance and hit the floor. They need to have their bedside commode for and avoid walking in the middle of the night on trips to the bathroom.

I can't keep going on because there simply so many products for this situation you can get and it will take forever. Nevertheless, please, do not doubt it for a minute.  Seeing your loved one fall to the floor and getting hurt because of lack of planning and conditioning of the house hurts your heart and soul.  You can lose them like that.  Discount Medical Supplies has all you need to make your house optimal when caring of the the elderly happens at home.

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