Caring for Someone with Depression or Anxiety

caring for someone anxiety

Caring for someone with depression or anxiety can be very difficult yet not impossible. Every person is different, meaning that not everyone will be affected by depression the same way. The person you are caring for is an individual with specific symptoms; their symptoms. There are however things that you should always keep in mind when you are caring for someone with this condition that will be the same despite the personal differences the patient has.

There are plenty of resources that will advice you on important topics you should manage when caring for someone with depression or anxiety.  You should be looking for things such as:

·         How to recognize when something is not right

·         How to approach them when something is not right

·         How to schedule an appointment

·         Where to find accessible information for this topic

·         How to be part of the recovery

·         How to handle emergencies or crisis scenarios

·         … and anything else you consider relevant!


How to help someone with depression or anxiety

·         Tell the person you can tell their behavior has changed

·         Give them your time, talk to them, most of all listen WITHOUT judging

·         Carefully suggest to the person a doctor’s appointment (some people will deny they have a problem and might take the suggestion in a bad way)

·         Tell them you will go with them

·         Help them and lead them in the right direction for resources and information on depression and anxiety.

·         Stay active with the person by doing exercise on a daily basis

·         Make sure they get sufficient sleep

·         Make sure they are eating properly

·         Don’t allow the person to use alcohol or drugs in hopes of feeling better.

·         Don’t pressure the person to be social but try to have friend and family get him or her involved in activities.

·         Tell them things that encourage the person to face their fears

Although caring for someone with depression or anxiety might be hard, it should also serve as self realization that you are doing something good for someone you love or someone you care about. Being the strong pillar to someone that feels week, being their support and being the friend that does not judge, will make you part of a fast recovery.  We all have a little of altruism in us, it is just a matter of letting it out.

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