The Challenges of Ageing and Caregiving


Caregiving is a noble task that is a calling to some, but in many cases, due to several circumstances some people are faced with the task without choice. In many different scenarios a spouse, parent, sibling, son or daughter had to take care of a closed one due to health complications and ageing. In some cases elderly spouses are forced to take care of one another, and perhaps they lack of immediate family, and thus they are forced to take on caregiving duties that could very well be a complete challenge to them. As much an honorable thing that caregiving is it can be emotional and physically draining, and it can be very difficult for an elder person to perform. Yes, they might have the knowhow and the emotional attachment to the care receiver, but the questions arise, is external help needed?

Caring for a person with special needs might require for a large amount of physical effort. This can be very troubling, as with age our physical abilities tend to be on the decline. Older caregivers are faced with what could be called a tougher challenge. Being able to assist a person getting out of bed and into a wheel chair, assisting them with physical activities, changing the bed sheets, bathing them, etc. are just some of the duties that could be difficult and even hazardous for them to perform them. That is why, while hard for them to acknowledge it, it is necessary to seek external assistance to perform their caregiving duties. Also, it is of a great deal of importance that they are equipped with the necessary daily living aids needed to fulfill these duties and make life easier for the care receiver.

There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration. In many cases due to strong emotional attachments it is difficult for a husband or wife to let go of the caring responsibilities for their spouse. That is why caring for family member with special needs, has to be a team effort. The family must come together and realize what can they do to provide a more balanced group task that can alleviate the burden and not solely rely on one person. Older people can be of great help, providing assistance on different aspects that don’t demand a great amount of physical effort. Of course this picture is for families that have several members that can provide help.

We believe that the human spirit can do wonders, and motivation and determination can carry us a long way. Love knows no boundaries, and while caring for our loved ones might come from the best intentions, it is important to know when extra help is needed. Contacting professional caregivers to help around with more difficult chores and activities can really be of an enormous help.

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