How to choose the right Caregiver App?


Caregiving is already a complicated task that is not for those faint of heart, it is a labor that needs all the help it can get, more so in this technological era. Today there are thousands of apps created for even the most absurd idea, so why not caregiving, here are a few tips on how to choose the right caregiver app. Just think of what you need and not the things that later might stand in your way.

Must be USER FRIENDLY. We are not all technology savvy. Having a Smartphone doesn’t make its owner smart enough to know off hand how to use it. Avoid complicated apps that make you jump through many hoops and make it seem like an endless labyrinth. The more simple the app the better for the caregiver. Also, since current caregivers are part of a generation that wasn’t born to cell phones and tablets everywhere, the best app would need to have bright colors and large letters.

Must make your job easier. An app that helps you stay organized with daily tasks, patient’s information and scheduling.

  • Keep a calendar with daily routines and important appointments.
  • Alarms for medicine intakes or therapies.
  • Keep a record of the patient’s information.

Must be understandable for the respite caregiver. If by any chance comes a time that you could temporarily need rest yourself or simply plan for respite care, having an organized app with all the information needed can save you writing down all important specifications for that time away from your patient.

Must be easy to open and load. Don’t you hate when it takes forever for an app to open or in similar cases for a program to start on your computer? You can’t have that while tending for someone. A good caregiver app needs to be prompt and ready to use.

Surprisingly there are many options on apps created for caregivers, and it should be easy to know how to choose the right caregiver app with these tips above. Take your time to browse through them, check for reviews and if they catch your eye, give them a trial (if they are free or have a free version). Also many caregiving groups on social media can recommend you on the best apps to use.

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