DMS encourages a positive attitude for caregivers

The Balancing Act, an inspiring morning show dedicate to women in America on Lifetime, featured Dr. Jon Segal, CEO of Discount Medical Supplies, as part of a four segment series dedicated to talk about the importance of caregivers.

In this fourth segment, he shares his thoughts and advices to all caregivers out there that feel they are struggling with their duty and need that boost of encouragement in this difficult mission.

Here is the interview Julie Moran held with Dr. Segal:
Julie: Welcome to the fourth and final segment of our four-part series dedicated to the American caregiver, as we celebrate rare disease day, that's why we're wearing these ribbons; we're joined one more time by a man whose personal and professional focus is improving the lives of caregivers and those they care for, Dr. Jon Segal, CEO of Discount Medical Supplies, and Jon it is so great to have you back.
Dr. Segal: Thank you very much for having me.
Julie: You know you've become an influential voice in the caregiver and medically related fields, I really want to know how that began for you.
Dr. Segal: It was really a life story. When I was young my father was diagnosed with cancer when I was 10. And he was living in our house for three years while going through all the treatments and eventually passed away when we were 13, but it really give me a new insight on taking care of family members at a very young age and then after that my mother became ill and we had to help her out and then right now I'm actually caregiver for my 102 year old grandfather, who doesn't even want to go into a nursing home, he wants to stay in an assisted living home.
Julie: So this just propelled your career in a way, I mean, your life work when you're ten years old, it kind of started there.
Dr. Segal: It did and really just giving back and helping people that don't feel like they have any place to go.
Julie: Amazing... You know we typically think of care giving as help for the older or chronically ill and you know, older mothers and fathers and grandparents but that's not always the case right?
Dr. Segal: No and as a father of three children I totally understand it's very difficult and to have a special needs child, there's so many aspects that are involved there but the most important thing is giving that child respect and love so they can grow up and make a difference in the world.
Julie: You know being a mom or dad for a mentally challenged or a special needs child is so difficult, what's one piece of advice you can give to those parents? 
Dr. Segal: I think they have to take care of themselves, they're so focused on their child and doing the best for their child, they forget about themselves and they wonder why did this happen to me as opposed to thinking there's a reason for this and we can take my child and do something very special because they're here for a reason.
Julie: I love your company because your company, your website, you help charities that are benefiting special needs children but also other charities as well. Tell me about that.
Dr. Segal: Yes we developed... we really wanted to give back. And that's something I wanted to do since I was a child. So we developed a module, so when you checkout on our website, a portion of every sale goes to a charity that you decide on, so you can choose through a list of different charities whether it's for special needs, whether it's for cancer, diabetes, there's many different charities that you can put money towards.
Julie: that's just amazing and you're really impacting lives, that's what really impresses me about you and your company and if there's one thought you could leave us with what would it be?
Dr. Segal: You have to wake up every day and say that you're actually making a difference. And wake up with a positive attitude as opposed to "why am I going through this?"
Julie: So a positive attitude really trumps many things in life, in your opinion.
Dr. Segal: Absolutely and laughter as well, laughter is needed when you're a caregiver.
Julie: I just think that that's so important because caregivers, you know a friend of mine has an organization heal the healers, and we need to take care those people that are caring for others and you are doing that.
Dr. Segal: Thank you.
Julie: Well it's been such a pleasure. A great four-part series. I hope our fans got to see it all and I just want to thank you again for coming in.
Dr. Segal: Thank you for having us. Thank you.
Julie: It was fantastic. And for continuing information on care giving visit us at and get a little bit social, we like to say that, by logging onto Facebook/thebalancingactfans and I want you to share with us your own care giving thoughts and your opinions. 

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