#DMSHealth Tweetchat Recap: When to Say No to Caregiving

when to say no to caregivers

Yesterday’s #DMSHealth chat was very dynamic and full of prolific answers. The chat’s topic was certainly open for discussion, analysis and advice for fellow caregivers who find themselves in the very difficult situation of having to deny taking care of all the responsibilities that come with the job.

As always we had expert guest who shared their thoughts on the matter and provided us with fine quotes that can easily reach the heart and mind of a struggling caregiver.

Dennis Fortier @BrainToday wrote, “Saying “no” is not the SOLUTION to burnout, it is the RESULT of burnout.”

Romina Oliverio @RominaOliverio wrote, “Be realistic about your situation and abilities. Know that saying no to caregiving doesn't imply you care less.”

LivHome @LivHomeCorp wrote, “Caregiving should be a passion. Once it feels more of a chore rather than a joy it might be time to move on.”

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