Elderly at the bath: Medical Supplies for the elderly

Elderly at the bath

Medical supplies for the elderly are especially helpful for allowing aged individuals to perform satisfactorily in the bathroom – including shower, tub, and toilet. Not being able to go to the bathroom by themselves deprives the elderly of both privacy and independence, but these supplies can allow them to preserve much of those two attributes, even if a caregiver must be present to supervise the proceedings and lend a hand when needed.

Medical Supplies for the elderly













These can fit inside the tub and give people with reduced balance or endurance the ability to continue bathing in their own bathrooms. Shower chairs with back support are recommended.


  • Tub benches

They attach to the side of the tub and allow the person to sit down outside the tub and lift their legs over the wall as opposed to having to step over it.


  • Handheld showers

Since elderly people are safer and more comfortable showering while sitting down, a handheld shower head can make bathing easier and more convenient.


  • Bathtub transfer benches

Similar to tub benches, transfer benches help seniors get in and out of the tub or shower safely. Bariatric models are available for overweight individuals.


  • Grab bars

Safety grab bars give elderly people something to hold on to in the usually slippery bathroom environment, thus helping to avoid falls.


  • Non-slip bath mats

Slip-proof bath mats remain fixed in place in wet surfaces, ensuring that the person standing on them also preserves their verticality.

  • Bath lifts

Another medical supply that enables seniors to get in and out of the tub safely as well as with dignity.








Raised toilet seats increase the height of a toilet, making it more accessible when sitting on it, and easier to get up off from too. Models that clamp tightly to the toilet are preferred for added safety.


  • Toilet frames and rails

Frames and rails shorten the distance that a person has to go to sit down or stand up, improving safety and mobility.



  • Commodes

These are chairs with an integrated toilet chamber, ideal for cases where the person can’t make it to the bathroom on time. Several models are available, including bedside, shower, drop-arm, folding, rolling, bariatric, and multipurpose commodes.


Additionally, there are medical supplies for the elderly that are related to bathing and toileting. These are incontinence supplies such as adult diapers, pads, guards, pant liners, briefs, and undergarments; underpads and mattress protectors; urinals and bed pans; and bed-wetting alarms.

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