Entertainer of the Year: Caregiving Activity Ideas

entertainer of the year

The goal is to have a good time, that both you and your care receiver spend a good time together. So why not come up with fun, creative caregiving activity ideas. A great and infinite resource is the internet, simply type in “caregiving activity ideas” and your screen will be filled with titles and lists of topics related to your search. Another nice tool is Pinterest, which lets you “pin” any good idea to your virtual “corkboard” to have ready for your next activity.

A place that took their time to come up with 101 activities is the Alzheimer’s Association, which along with other tons of useful information made it available for all its viewers. Some may not apply for your specific case, which is why it is good to plan ahead and personalize the activity according to the care receiver’s liking.

To cite just a few ideas:

  • Go for a stroll.
  • Sing Karaoke.
  • Make a Scrapbook.
  • Watch old movies.
  • Bake their favorite dessert together.
  • Play an instrument.
  • Read their favorite book of poems.
  • Listen to their favorite songs.
  • Browse family albums.
  • Let them help you with simple chores around the house.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Play Hangman.
  • Play with a child.

A good tip for planning a personalized caregiving activity idea is to look at enhancing the five senses with one or more activities. Memories are often evoked when a certain sense is heightened and it might recall a particular smell that reminds them of their childhood, or a song that brings them back to their golden years, etc.

A sick person who may have lost some of their cognitive faculties may find it frustrating to not be able to do what they used to do so easily. As their caregiver you must think of a way to mold certain activities that might interest them to the amount of physical activity they can handle and watch out for any signs of tiredness or exhaustion. If the activity is more on the physical side, be sure to keep good hydration at all times.

There probably will be no “entertainer of the year” award for you, but the simple act of kindness that you are providing your care receiver is more satisfaction than any award can give. Get crafting those caregiving activity ideas and remember to have fun!

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