Future of Caregiving at the hands of Robots

Let’s face it… Fewer people are having babies nowadays.  I respect that, and honestly I completely understand why they are taking this decision.  I am a mother of two and I love my children with all my heart; however it is no secret that they will be exposed to so many man-made atrocities.  As parents, we do not want to see our children suffer which explains why, among many other reasons, young adults do not want to have any kids. It is inevitable though. The fewer children that are born the fastest we are going to run out of caregivers.

Disney movie Big Hero 6, recently winning an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, gives us an idea of what the future of caregiving will be (without the superheroes, flying, and adventurous parts of course) as Japan has presented their new caregiver prototype robot called: Robear.  This cute guy features a sweet polar bear face with big round eyes.  Robear is strong enough to carefully and easily lift and transfer elderly patients of those in need of the assistance to and from the bed, chair or bath.  Robear has been designed to provide stability and strength to the patient as well as kindness and cleanliness.

"We voted for this design among options presented by our designer. We hope to commercialise the robot in the not-too distant future," Toshiharu Mukai, research leader, said.

Japan has always been reluctant in the topic of immigrations. This is another reason why it the need for robots to do hard physical work is growing more and more.

The same phenomenon is happening with the caregiving sector. The population of Japan keeps aging with less children to take on the task. Robear comes to fill in that vacancy.  The creators of this friendly robot are hoping to improve and commercialize many like him in the next few years.