Home medical supplies for caring for someone with neuropathy

Home medical supplies for caring for someone with neuropathy are closely related to diabetic supplies. Peripheral neuropathy is the most common type of diabetic neuropathy. Its symptoms include:

·         Numbness or decreased feeling.

·         Tingling or burning sensation.

·         Sharp pain or cramps.

·         Increased sensitivity to touch.

·         Muscle weakness.

·         Loss of reflexes in particular in the ankle.

·         Loss of balance and coordination.

·         Ulcers, infections, deformities, and bone and joint pain in the feet.

The first and last symptoms listed are intimately connected. People with neuropathy could step on a nail like Daniel Stern in Home Alone and remain unaware that they have inured their foot in any way, shape, or form, whatsoever. As a result of this obliviousness, what would otherwise a minor cut or wound goes untreated and may end up as mentioned above in an ulcer, infection, and even gangrene and amputation. Therefore, diabetics and their caregivers are advised to routinely check the feet for wounds, cuts, punctures, etc. in addition to that, there are several products that can help people with diabetic neuropathy – and the people who care for them –to protect the skin of the feet.

Home medical supplies to care for someone with diabetic neuropathy

Diabetic shoes

Designed to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in people with diabetes who are prone to foot injuries. The lack of sensation can lead to wrong sense of security. A skin ulcer can develop under the foot and turn to something more serious without treatment. The main purpose of diabetic footwear is to prevent complications such as infections, calluses or more seriously, amputation. All of this can be prevented with the right diabetic shoes.

Diabetic socks

Made without binding or elastic so as to not restrict circulation in the foot or the leg. Some types of diabetic socks come with moisture control to reduce infection risks, as well as seamless toe closures to reduce the chance of blistering or pressure.


Rub feet with it to prevent dry and cracked skin, but it should not be applied between the toes as that could cause a fungal infection.


It can be applied in between the toes in lieu of lotion (see above).

Hand held mirror

To check feet more thoroughly for blisters, cuts, cracks, dryness, redness, tenderness, or sores on the top, between the toes, and on the sole; though once again, a second person such as a caregiver can be extremely helpful in this endeavor.

Emery board

Use to file nails as opposed to clippers to trim them to avoid accidental cuts.


In addition to all of the above, diabetic neuropathy can be prevented or delayed, and there are home medical supplies for that too. For example, a blood glucose meter is essential to keep track of blood sugar levels (high blood sugar can damage nerve fibers and cause neuropathy). Insulin is also required to keep blood glucose at healthy levels. Discount Medical Supplies has a variety of insulin products available. Finally, a caregiver can be the glue that holds it all together, reminding and helping the person with diabetes to check their feet, monitor their blood sugar, and take their medications.

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