Home Safety Tips for Caregivers

If you are among those who decided to have your elder relative have an in-home care, we have built a list of home safety tips for caregivers to check and be sure any possible accidents will be prevented. The elder population has gradually lost some capacities a regular adult has like balance, vision and in some cases mobility, which is why it is important to keep all the right safety measures around the house for the elder person’s protection and the family and caregiver’s peace of mind.

Your loved one’s protection shouldn’t be taken slightly, just as your parents took all the preventive measures when you were growing up. The following list of home safety tips for caregivers applies for anyone looking to prepare their homes for an elder person.

  • If it is a two store house, make sure all the steps on the staircase are non-slippery. The same non-slip treads you use for your bathtub can be used on each step’s edge. Or if you prefer, you could install a stair elevator chair lift, you know, like the one Mr. Fredricksen uses in Disney’s movie UP.
  • There should be good lighting in all parts of the house, especially on the stairs. Ideally with a switch at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  • If the stairs are next to a wall, make sure to install a railing on the side of the wall if there is none.
  • When cleaning the floors, avoid using any wax or product that could have that same consistency.
  • Remove all possible obstacles from where the elder person will be passing. Flower pots, electric or phone cables, rugs, etc.
  • If necessary provide the elder person with a walking aid, either a cane or a walker.
  • Advice your loved one or patient to stand up slowly to avoid any loss of balance and possible fall.
  • Install fire detector and keep a fire extinguisher on every floor.
  • An emergency communication device like the Guardian Alert 911 could be of extreme help.
  • On the kitchen, put away any sharp objects.
  • Supervise the elder person if they are cooking or doing any task on the kitchen area.
  • Mark all appliances with an "On/Off” sign.

These are the most basic tips to keep in mind in regards to home safety tips for caregivers. Be sure to check these and others recommended by specialists in the internet and your patient’s practitioner. Discount Medical Supplies has all the daily living aid supplies necessary to make yours a safe home for an elder person. Check the home and bath sections for the vast lists of products and devices.

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