Incontinence Solutions for Alzheimer’s: Tips for Caregivers

incontinenceAlzheimer’s disease can be a devastating condition that severely limits a person’s ability to manage without significant assistance. Alzheimer’s disease research often focuses on finding ways to manage the symptoms of this condition, though there is still a strong push to find a cure for this condition.

The forgetfulness and overall breakdown of brain function associated with brain function that comes with Alzheimer’s can cause a great deal of stress on the body as well as the mind.

Understanding the Basics

This is not a normal part of the aging process, in spite of the fact that symptoms of Alzheimer’s will get worse with age.

•    Alzheimer’s disease affects up to 5 percent of people and often comes on in the 40s or 50s with symptoms becoming increasingly obvious as this person ages.

•    There is not currently a cure for this disease, though there are remedies that have been found to delay the onset of symptoms or the development of worsening conditions, notes The Alzheimer’s Association.

•    Mild cases of this disease will show a decrease in cognitive abilities which can lead to forgetfulness or a lessening ability, to make judgments or manage everyday tasks according to the National Institute on Aging.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s stem from ‘microscopic’ changes to the brain tissue; according to the Alzheimer’s Association. These can damage the nerves that allow the brain to take on specified tasks throughout the body.


Materials for Long-Term Management

Alzheimer’s disease is a long-term condition that causes physical as well as mental effects that will need to be managed.

•    While working to keep Alzheimer’s symptoms at bay, supplements such as Douglas Laboratories Relora-Plex Neurological Stress Control Relaxants can help to encourage healthy brain function along with prescribed medications.

•    Unfortunately, it can be difficult for those with this disease to manage themselves well. As time goes on items like Selected Belted Undergarments by Invacare Supply Group may be helpful in preventing accidents or embarrassment.

•    The need of good quality Adult Protective Underwear will be a constant factor. Caregivers can shop online for great options.  There is a wide variety of protective underwear that offers different levels of absorbency and usability.

The National Institute on Aging reminds caregivers that those with Alzheimer’s will have a tendency to become confused and frightened. Constant support and reassurance is essential to making sure that these individuals have everything they need to manage.

There are many support groups for caregivers who are becoming overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for someone with a mentally degenerating disease.