Incontinence Supplies for Caregivers

incontinence-suppliesCaring for someone that has an incontinence condition can be very hard. At times like these, incontinence supplies become a caregiver's best allies. Understanding the type of incontinence your loved one is going through and what are the best accessories to deal with it are is the first step to a better care.

Having a guide of what are the best incontinence supplies for caregivers to have around at all times comes in handy.  Knowing when to use each product will help you not be be caught off guard in any particular situation.  Discount Medical Supplies presents a quick buyers' guide to get you started in understanding what you need.

Adult Protective Underwear

This is protective underwear that comes equipped with guarded sides and enhanced absorbency. They are used to replace regular underwear. Candidates for these type of incontinence products are those who are unable to control their incontinence condition or that are going through an ambulatory incontinence due to an operation or accident. It can be used for both bowel and bladder incontinence. Patients who are bedridden should not wear these type of adult briefs as they are not to effective for changing in bed.

Examples of these are:  

Dignity Disposable Protective Underwear

Invacare Premium Protective Underwear


Adult Pads, Guards & Pant Liners

Most pads have been engineered to be placed inside normal everyday underwear to deal with mild incontinence.  The pad will work as an absorbent agent when accidental leakage happens. They will usually have an adhesive strip that will secure the stability of the pad on the underwear. Adult pads should not be used by patients who suffer from complete bladder incontinence or bowel incontinence.

Examples of Pads, Guards, and Pant Liners are:

Prevail Bladder Control Pads, by Invacare Supply Group

Poise Pantiliner Very Light Absorbency by Invacare Supply Group

Adult Belted Undergarments

These undergarments have been created to use instead of normal underwear. They can be considered half a pad, half a brief.  Belted undergarments feature an elastic band and buttons.  These can be used for people who suffer from occasional accidents. Bed ridden patients and their caregiver can benefit because they are easily changed in bed with no need to remove all the clothing the patient is wearing.  Those who suffer from bowel incontinence are not candidates for these undergarments.

Try these Adult Belted Undergarments:

Prevail Belted Shields - White, One Size Fits All, by Invacare Supply Group

TENA Belted Undergarment by Invacare Supply Group

Adult Briefs

Also commonly called adult diapers, these come in handy for the most severe cases of incontinence. Bowel incontinence and complete incontinence can be handled with products from this category. They can easily be changed in bed for caregivers who are taking care of a bedridden patient.

Popular Adult Briefs are:

TENA Comfort Pants by Invacare Supply Group

Tranquility SlimLine Original Disposable Briefs by Invacare Supply Group

Bed Pads & Underpads/Mattress Protectors

These washable pads should always be present in any incontinence situation. They are great to put on beds, sofas, and chairs to protect them from leakage and stains.  They are made of a water repellent material that protects the furniture and an absorption layer that provides maximum protection for the skin as well. They can be disposable or reusable.

For example:

Dri-Sorb Disposable Underpads by Invacare Supply Group

Invacare Reusable Chair Pad - by Invacare Supply Group

If you are taking care of a loved one and are looking for the best incontinence products for caregivers visit Discount Medical Supplies for the most complete catalog and affordable options.