Natural ways to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Despite having many names, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a real debilitating illness that affects millions of people all over the world. The causes for this condition are unknown, and the condition is often mistaken for symptoms of an underlying condition. Extreme fatigue is often misunderstood. However it can affect mental and physical activity, as it is not improved with rest.

Although Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can affect anybody regardless of age and sex, there are several risk factors that can make a person more vulnerable to the condition. According to multiple studies, women are diagnosed more frequently than men. People above 40 years of age are more predisposed to getting the condition. By itself fatigue, is a common symptom for many illnesses and it is not restricted to children and adolescents. However it is very rare for it to happen. As the fraction of the population that is more prone for are adults over the age of 40. Finally, people with a difficulty managing stress are very at risk of developing CFS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome compromises the quality of life of the sufferer. In some cases, CFS can lead to physical complications such as compromised auto immune system, cardiac and respiratory issues; as well as psychological complications like isolation, depression and several lifestyle restrictions.

Unfortunately, you cannot treat this type of fatigue with rest; in fact, that is the very definition of this condition: a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by intense fatigue that is not improved by bed rest. It can be decreased and prevented by making adjustments: Treating the most troublesome symptoms first, Monitoring the use of medications and supplements, Managing activities and exercise and enhancing health and quality of life.

People who suffer from CFS can make certain self-care measures that can help:

·         Reduce stress by developing a plan to avoid or limit overexertion and emotional stress.

·         Improve sleep habits, be rigorous with them.

·         Keep all activity at an even level, that way the person will avoid being over exhausted.

There are also several natural ways to help treat the condition without the use of conventional medicine. Experts and chiropractors have stated that sustaining a healthy and balanced diet will exponentially improve the quality of life of a person dealing with CFS. Also, there have been recent developments in which homeopathic treatment has obtained positive results when dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However this comes with a certain amount of difficulty, as there are at least 900 different homeopathic medicines to help treat “weakness”, choosing the correct one to help treat a patient with CFS is not an easy task. A Homeopathic Doctor will very likely recommend their patients with CFS to take Gelsemium, Kali phosphoricum or Mercurius solubilis. All of those three homeopathic remedies are very popular and effective to treat weakness. Specifically Kali phosphoricum is the most widely used remedies for CFS, especially if the illness follows a bout of influenza. The mental symptoms of Kali phosphoricum are anxiety with depression, insomnia and nightmares.

Also, another alternative to treat CFS is chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors have treated many patients who present with this condition. Many times, a patient will seek out a chiropractic alternative when the exhaustive trips for medical testing seem to lead nowhere or your doctor concludes you simply have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although chiropractors do not know the cause of this ailment either, the Chiropractic approach to helping the body to help itself is often a welcome and winning approach to helping those who suffer from this condition.

Some chiropractors have seen patients with this condition improve after upper cervical adjustments. This is the area in your neck that is about an inch or less below where your head and neck come together. It is believed that long term irritation to the nerves associated with the upper cervical spine may create several of the elements found in Chronic fatigue Syndrome such as an imbalance in the immune system, chronic muscle stress, and organ and glandular imbalances.                              

The key to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is to find some sort of balance in the patient’s life. It is often said that this condition can appear after certain stressful situations and health problems such as bouts with some sort of illness. Helping the body find its pace, restore the natural resting process and taking a healthy diet can do wonders and really help the homeopathy remedies that the doctor might recommend.