The perfect gift of our beloved caregivers

Do you have any caregivers in your family?  As you search around for the holiday gifts of loved ones I want to ask you for a very special favor.  I want you to think about everything that the special caregiver in your family has sacrificed and given for the sake of the person they care for.  Think about the way they keep going on despite how tired they are.  Caregivers deserve recognition beyond reason and this holiday season, they deserve even more!

Caregivers tend to complain about back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain especially when the one they care for has mobility deficiencies.  This is why a portable tens unit such as the Tens 3000 makes a wonderful gift for a caregiver this holiday season.  Tens units are leading products in pain management because of how efficient they are. Electrotherapy sessions may cost someone hundreds of dollars at their chiropractor, and for a caregiver it is most likely impossible for them to make the time to go either way. The Tens 3000 comes with everything it needs to provide fast pain relief at an extremely affordable price. 

Everyone loves a good massage, however it might be expensive and time consuming to go to your physical therapist for one. Caregivers should be getting massages on a monthly basis. It has been said that periodic massage therapies are not a luxury, but a necessity, and for caregivers this more than true. So, another wonderful gift that you can make to a caregiver is one of our options from our electrical massage category.  With one of these at home they will have the option of using it as soon as they have a few minutes to themselves.

Here’s another idea! How about providing them with the best comfort at bedtime? At Discount Medical Supplies you will be able to find a series of options in pillows, cushions, bask supports, wedges and more.  The Mabis Dmi Healthcare Stress-Ease Allergy-Free Pillow is a best seller in our catalog.  Another option is the Body Pillow by Hermell for those who suffer from chronic neck and back pain.

It is extremely important for anyone to exercise to keep a good health, caregivers included.  Yes, the issue of not enough time comes up again as a reason for the following gift idea.  The Standard Pedal Exerciser is small and can be used anytime.  The user will be comfortably sitting down while they exercise their legs and improve their circulation. It comes completely assembled so it can be taken out of the box and immediately be put to good use.