Poems about Caregivers: Words of Gratitude

Words of gratitude

An unusual topic but that itself is full of meaning, yearning and gratitude and that are often dedicated to those silent heroes who devote themselves to making others feel better or lend a hand in managing their condition. Here is a small but rich compilation of quotes from poems about caregivers, those courageous brave hearts that pour out their love and caring for those in need.

“You are the hero in this struggle conquering all that lies ahead… Handling everything you need to juggle while your emotions are left unsaid…” Mariela Miranda Jenkins

Written by our editor Mariela Miranda was posted on her personal blog dedicated to caregivers called “Heroes of love”.  She dedicates her blog to all those heroes caring for their loved ones, but specially to her grandmother and her mother, both tending for her grandfather who has dementia.

Just as music speaks sometimes louder than words, a small poem can go farther than an entire novel. When it comes to poems about caregivers, they all have that common sense of appreciation to their labor of endurance and empowerment. Caregivers do not seek the public rewards, or congratulatory references. They only care for maintaining a peaceful and loving environment for the person they care for.

“There must be a Heavenly crown for each giving soul, who cares for the sick and disabled, whether young or old. A brilliant symbol that shines forth as a vision of gold. A fitting reward for each unspoken tale never told.” Patricia Mizell Pack

Poetry is a good source of respite therapy for the caregiver fatigue as well as a way to liberate their thoughts from a difficult situation they might be going through. Caregiving is no easy job, there are many sacrifices and burdens that need to find a way of being released.

“I can only be there… Let him know I’m here… I can sit beside him… And try to ease his fear... It’s a surreal world we both live in… Just ‘one day at a time.’... With some days still a struggle… When all is not sublime.”  Sue Green

Words written to and by caregivers are all over the internet, just typing “poems about caregivers” throws an immense list of thousands of poems and countless words inspired by those unnoticed heroes.

“Unknown and often unnoticed, you are a hero nonetheless. For your love, sacrificial, is God at his best. You walk by faith in the darkness of the great unknown, And your courage, even in weakness, gives life to your beloved” Bruce McIntyre

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