Staff Reactions to: “Alive Inside”

alive inside

The following are the impression of three of our staff writers at Discount Medical Supplies, Alberto Chaves, Jennifer Stradlin and David Rose after their viewing of the Documentary “Alive Inside”, the 2014 Documentary by Michael Rossato-Bennet.

David Rose

I remember hearing about the “Alive Inside” movie from the viral video of Henry, and I was taken at that beautiful sight of Henry, with those big pen wide eyes being genuinely happy. I showed it to people close to me and the reaction was the same, goose bumps and tears in the eyes. This movie carries a message of hope that spoke to me deeply. I have always been interested in the subject of how the human mind works, and seeing the awakenings and dramatic changes that the patients went through with the help of music, really made me feel excited on the many possibilities that this could bring in the future.

One thing in particular that really caught my attention was how with the use of headphones, right before your eyes you could see the dementia patients, almost become and entirely different person. Connecting to their past and who they used to be. It was very powerful.


Alberto Chaves

Music has that power; we’ve all experienced it. A song comes on that we haven’t heard in ages and we suddenly experience an avalanche of memories. Memories are in the end, what we truly have inside.  They are the fiber of what makes us as a person. As the Narrator asks at one point in the film “Who are we without our memory?”.

 What the movie left me was with a sense of wonder of the power of music and how it connects to our soul. I particularly enjoyed the movie, and have spoken to friends and relatives about it. I just wished I could have played it for my late grandparents. I guess the movie made me think of them and how on their final years how they were lost inside themselves. It does makes me feel happy that this awakening can be a possibility for millions of people all over the world. Dan Cohen said it best: “How often do you have the chance of affecting millions of people?”

Jennifer Stradlin

This is a fairly short movie, it’s a little less than 80 minutes long, but it took my over two hours to finish it. That’s because I had to pause it to get some napkins to wipe my tears. It is such a beautiful movie and a touching sight to see the transformation of all of the patients. And how sad is it that we forget constantly about the life that still is inside them. I keep thinking about Marylou, Denise, Henry and John, and how they were experiencing the feelings of nostalgia and joy like it was the first time.

I’d like to add something to what Alberto was saying by quoting Dan. What I do hope is that this movie draws attention to the growing Dementia issue in the US and all over the World. How by music you will be able top touch the heart and soul of millions of people. It is a noble and wonderful cause that can gain force and revolutionize the way that we care for our elders. If you haven’t seen the film, please stop reading this right now and go find it. You will be moved to tears in a very positive way.