The Stress of Caregiving for an Ailing Spouse

Ailing spouse

Caregiving for a close relative is always stressful, but a recent poll has provided some results that state that most Americans see more stress in caring for a spouse that caregiving for a mother, father on even in-laws. The stress factor for caring for a spouse is considerably larger according to this poll made by the AP-NORC Center performed over the phone on adults 40 or older.

A great majority of the people who were surveyed said that they count on family to care for them, as they grow older. As many as half of the people who participated on this survey, had already been in a caregiving position for other relatives at some point in their lives. Yet, one particular detailed was revealed by the survey: it is less likely that a person makes plans for caring for their spouse, than for a parent or other relative. It was revealed by this poll also that most people would divulge their plans for their funeral to close friends or other family members rather than their life partner.

Why is this a taboo? Experts on the subject have claimed that once a marriage commitment is made, most people expect for their partners to outlive them. Having a frail spouse going through complicated health problems puts people in a large amount of stress that could even me unmanageable for some, as the sadness and stress might become too unbearable for them.

There are many stages and activities that are covered under the umbrella of caregiving. Driving a loved one to a medical appointment, performing household chores, to more hand-on care, such as bathing. Some families rely on professional nurses or caregivers to tend for them, but there is an increase of families that are taking care of their own and addressing sensible care of open wounds and give injections.

In the survey another note-worthy result was brought up. The vast majority of those who were currently caring for their spouses did say that the situation, as difficult the situation was, it brought them closer to their spouse. They also described the experience as positive, as going through it resulted in them growing closer to each other in times of need. The stress in high, but the rewards surpasses that measure. What the results do really show is the amount of fear of losing those how are closest to us. Not realizing that is at those hard tomes were our love for them will make us rise to the occasion.

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