Tweetchat: Balancing family and caregiving

Family and caregiving

This week’s #DMSHealth Twitter chat will be held at 3PM EST, and will be hosted by caregiver and Alzheimer’s author Suzette Brown (Twitter handle @Thesuzettebrown). Brown’s book, “Alzheimer's Through My Mother's Eyes” is a heartfelt, first-person account of the 5 years she spent looking after her mother’s progressing Alzheimer’s.

In her own words:

I offer Caregivers many insights, many examples including viewpoints of what I "should" or "could" have done differently. 
Many subjects pertain to all Caregivers of loved ones, be it a parent, spouse, friend, acquaintance or someone you may work with. The emotional and physical endeavors are challenging indeed - in addition to the stress, rage and frustration that are all part of the daily life of a caregiver.


Brown lives in Tidewater, Virginia, with her husband and two dogs, one of which is a Certified Therapy Dog.

Bring your questions for Suzette tomorrow, and learn more about how to cope with family caregiving, whether you are looking after a parent or spouse or if you are in any other family caregiving situation.

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