Tweetchat Recap: End of Life Caregiving

On our #DMSHealth tweetchat for this week we discussed “End of Life Caregiving”, a topic often seen as the “elephant in the room” by the caregiver family as they avoid talking about death and sometimes by the patient for fear of it and of making his or her family uncomfortable of the situation. We had excellent input from our participants which we always highly appreciate. That is entirely the purpose of this chat to create a conversation that covers tips, comments, questions and ideas that many caregivers can benefit from.

On this very special chat we had true life experts, people who have gone through the passing of a close loved one they cared for and of caregiving experts that shared very valuable pieces of information. We covered:

  • How to plan and stay organized through these hard times.
  • How to make End of Life plans.
  • How to explain this to the younger ones.
  • When it is best to accept or deny other people’s help.
  • How to maintain the patient’s dignity.
  • How to support the dying patient.
  • How to support yourself as a caregiver.

This and more on our Twitter chat recap below.

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