Twitter chat Recap: Positive Caregiving - Thinking differently

After last week's serious topic, we changed our angle and focused on the positive aspects of caregiving this Wednesday. There were quite a few new faces, and the discussion was lively and inspiring.

The questions discussed were:

Q1. Why is it important to keep a positive outlook on caregiving as caregivers?

Q2. Do you find it easy to stay positive, or is it a struggle? What’s your natural disposition?

Q3. How do you cheer up during rough times?

b. How do you involve your care to help stay positive?

Q4. Why is it great to provide support to another person? (thanks to @N_Wilson94 for the term!)

Q5 - Say we're trying to "sell" caregiving/providing support as a product. How would you sell it? Give me a great tagline! #dmshealth

Q6. How can we talk differently about caregiving/supporting others, to reduce stigma and encourage other people to do it?

You can read the transcript below: