What to give a caregiver for Christmas?

caregiver-for-christmasThe best gifts that you can give a caregiver friend or relative this Christmas are time and money. You could follow that suggestion to the letter, and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be rebuffed. You can also be a bit creative and find ways to alleviate the financial and time-management pressure that most caregivers are under. Care giving is one of the most time and money-consuming occupations, as well as one of the most stressful, bar none. It can also be one of the most rewarding, but the reward comes at too high a price, both literally and figuratively.
 Speaking of literally, you can give a caregiver the gift of time by spending time with them, listening to them, and generally providing company and social interaction. You can also spend your money as well as your time and take them out to dinner, to a movie or to a show. Additionally, do things that can save a caregiver time, such as running errands for them, doing chores around their houses, picking up groceries for them from the supermarket, taking care of their laundry, etc. If you are pressed for time yourself, you can always hire a third party to perform all those tasks. 


Traditional gift-giving still applies to caregivers, though. However, make sure that whatever you give a caregiver is actually useful for them; extra points if it’s something that can save them money. For example, many people who care for an elderly individual need to install shower, bath and toilet grab bars. You could buy the grab bars, and even offer to install them yourself, or have someone else install them. Moreover, sometimes care giving involves a lot of sitting and watching; with that in mind, you can present the caregiver with the gift of reading.
Whether the books themselves revolve around care giving is up to you. You can even do them one better and get them a Kindle, and let them choose what they want to read during those long nights of vigil.
One of the best known axioms in the field of care giving is that caregivers also need care. In light of that, a gift certificate for a day at a spa would certainly make another perfect gift. Now, if the caregiver in question is not a friend or a relative but is actually working for you caring for a member of your family, they may still be entitled to a Christmas gift, such as a cash bonus, as long as they have earned it, of course.