55% OFF *Brand New* HEART RATE VARIABILITY Nerve Express System

BRAND NEW Heart Rate Variability System PROFITABLE ADDITION TO YOUR PRACTICE. This is over HALF OFF retail price! You will NOT find a better deal for this brand new unit. Plus FREE Shipping to Continental US. Patients appreciate this Test. It gives them and you a True Point Of Reference. This Unit is the Latest Version of this Unit and software Currently 4.4. It is the Standard 3 Medical Practice Fitness Evaluation Nerve Express Unit commonly used in Chiropractic and Nutritional Assessment Practices Worldwide. It is state of the art with an advanced testing system providing information such as how the Heart is functioning and how the special Autonomic Nervous System is Functioning. It also provides a very accurate Health Marker. This HRV System is used at the most Prestigious Nutritional Training Schools Worldwide. It is the same unit demonstrated, trained on, and recommended by Ulan school of Nutrition in Clearwater Fla. HRV is a computer-based, fully automated system for quantitative assessment of the Level of Physical Fitness based on Heart Rate Variability analysis. The HRV system is installed on a desktop or a notebook computer and uses a convenient " Polar" belt to collect heart beats for analysis. The system recognizes more than 70 states of Physical Fitness reflected on a chart, where the vertical axis represents levels of Adaptability and the horizontal axis represents Wellness levels. This allows Health Professionals to assess a patients current state of Wellness. It also allows fitness professionals to detect overtraining or undertraining and to optimize an exercise program. Nutritional Professionals can assess blocking or switching Sympathetically or Parasympathetically as well as identify a patients current quadrant state of health. The evaluation is based on lying-to-standing test, which takes about 3-4 min. Also, included is "valsalva maneuver and deep breathing" to determine a person's healing potential and responsiveness to care. Deep breathing improves the sensitivity of the autonomic nervous system which, in a sense, provokes the body's ability to heal. Unit Price: $1,750.00 Contact: mednot at aol dot com or 205-790-8025.