Complete High Frequency X-Ray System/Suite For Sale

2001 Universal MP500 high frequency X-ray & bucky with digital control panel (excellent condition), AFP Mini-Med 90 processor (excellent condition & professionally cleaned routinely), metal processor stand and chemical tanks, upright metal film bin (holds 14x17 & smaller film boxes), safelight, ID printer, one lead window, seven 8x10 green rare earth cassettes with screens, six 14x17 green rare earth cassettes with screens, two 14x17 double panel Wolf view boxes, two 14x17 single panel Wolf view boxes, 1 caliper, R/L marker, 1 lead half apron & 1 lead gonad shield. This x-ray unit can be easily converted into a digital system. I purchased the x-ray new & it is still currently being used (and working great) in my office to date. Asking $4,000 for everything. Please call Dr. Cocklin at 704-784-3606 (leave message if no answer) or email me at for further information.