Great deals on X-ray Equipment

Many X-ray supplies for sale dirt cheap in great condition!! We have 12 14x17 green cassettes, 5 7x17 green cassettes, and 4 8x10 green cassettes.. As well there are two boxes of 8x10 Fuji X-ray film, one box of Fuji 8x17. Green film, and one box of 14x17 green Fuji X-ray film included with purchase of cassettes @ We also have three X-ray processor's for every budget! One. Fischer X-ray processor, one Hope Micromax X-ray processor, and a like brand new 2011 Afp minimed 90 X-ray processor! Many smaller accessories like safelights, film bins, filers, view boxes, id printers, and more!! Contact us today with your needs and we will put a great price together for you!!