Nervo-Scope and Vintage Chiropractic Materials

Nervo-Scope Precision Series (Model AD-2, Type P, P9369), Electronic Development, NY, NY, $500.00. Also selling the following written materials...1) Touch For Health, 2 Volumes, $50. 2) Anatomical Adjustive Technic by Beatty, $75. 3) The Neurodynamics of the Vertebral Subluxation by Homewood, $75. 4) Receptor-Tonus Method by Nimmo, $30. Chiropractic Procedure and Practice by Reinert, $50. 5) Masters Clinic Class on Chiropractic Art by R.O. Masters, Sr., $30. 6) A Treatise of Naprapathy by Denton Higbe. Details Oakley Smith's work in Modernized Chiropractic. $30 for 30+ photocopied images.