Fantastic low stress practice for someone beginning fresh out of school or someone looking to simplify their life. Located in a very welcoming, family friendly town in the panhandle of Texas. One other chiropractor in town, other than that no chiropractors for a minimum of 60 miles in any direction. 2012 gross earnings were $110K. On pace to bring in $120-130K for 2013. Practice is 100% cash. No superbills with diagnosis codes, no Medicare billing. Nothing. Total monthly overhead is about 11%, so net earnings are still at or close to five figures a month. Office is approximately 2,000 sq ft with a two car garage. Office rent is currently $650 a month. Practice averaged 40 new patients per month in 2012, with averages of 50 new patients per month in June, July, and August. January 2013 saw a record 55 new patients. Currently averaging 42 new patients per month for 2013. Very little marketing done to acquire these numbers, two small radio advertisements a week, but mostly word of mouth. Practice is only open three total days a week for a total of 22 hours. Plenty of time for recreation, frequent weekend trips, or simply spending quality time with the family. Please call 806-983-1132 if you are interested and have the means to buy immediately.