Practices for Sale in South Philadelphia

South Philadelphia practice in a rapidly growing area and neighborhood!! The neighborhood is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Philadelphia with lots of young professionals, families and bustling markets, bars and restaurants. Most everything is within walking distance. The practice sees 70-80 visits/week, is growing and has a strong base of regular patients with a good mix of cash and insurance. The practice is being run as a wellness/subluxation-based practice, and there is a lot of room for growth. There is unlimited opportunity for marketing to other businesses, schools and gyms - we are only now scratching the surface. The office space is great - plenty of space with semi-open adjusting, but could be divided for private rooms, another DC or massage therapist. High frequency X-ray machine on site. A couple of options for the sale would be considered and can be discussed in person or by email; however, anything short of an outright sale would require at least one year of experience or strong adjusting and patient communication skills. Strong chiropractic certainty is a must. The cost of the practice is $80K. email me at