Chiropractors Wanted in Indiana

WANTED: SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO PRACTICE CHIROPRACTIC We have taken a different route to success in practice. Our clinics provide high-quality chiropractic services without pandering to the insurance industry or doing things other than chiropractic. 60% of our patients come from word of mouth referrals, 15% from MD referral, and the balance from other sources. If you provide the mind, heart, and hands, then we provide the rest for your success. • $45,000 BASE salary, with projected earnings in excess of $60K in the first year; • Health insurance, PTO, retirement benefits; • Extensive help and training in CLINICAL management of difficult cases; • Learn multiple techniques. We teach you to BE the doctor you dreamed of being; • Well-equipped, top-of-the-line offices, well-trained staff matched to your personality; • Extensive marketing program so you don’t have to…no insurance games, no mall screenings, no dog and pony shows. We’re not partial to the valedictorians or student clinic rock-stars; we are only looking for the “right person”. If this sounds like the right fit for you, please contact Ms. Donna Rife at 765-446-0000 (Monday through Friday, 12PM-6PM) or by email at