Independent Contractor D.C.

Independent Contractor D.C. Position in prosperous Northern Virginia: We are located in Reston, VA. We are 30 mins. from DC, 5 mins. from Dulles Airport and two blocks from the trendy Reston Town Center; where people work, live and shop. Reston is filled with young, ambitious people hunched over computers 12 hrs/day who desperately need your chiropractic care. "Dr. Mick" and " Dr. Nicole" Richardson-Sicre (see-cray), at " Active Family Chiropractic" are '98 Life Grad's and CBP D.C.'s that are coached by “Elite Coaching L.L.C.”. We are dedicated to integrity and service. If you are just graduating or a recent grad., then you will learn so much just being around us. This is obviously a smart move before overcommitting with your time and money, yet maintaining being your own boss. We have a wonderful Chiro. loving staff, the paperless Platinum system, even a large beautiful salt water tank that the patients of all ages love. Have fun learning/offering the best while we provide a 10+year, well known, beautiful, store front, fully equipped and staffed practice. Dr. Mick is a certified fellow in CBP, "Spinecor" rep. and we are providers for major insurance carriers. We are in a prime spot in well known Reston Home Depot Center. We are interested in being smart with offsetting our storefront overhead, providing shared coverage and wonderful commentary in a top notch practice setting. As you grow, our expenses and cost to the office will grow too. To be able to welcome and encourage the growth, our thought is a monthly fee + %. The demographics are perfect for success. We are open and have the space for a few more doctors. If you are interested in joining our team, then email us your resume and cover letter describing why you would be great to work with, why we should add you to our office and what terms would work for you. Let's have fun providing the best together, sharing coverage and all with low overhead.