MG-33 Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exerciser

The manufacturer of the MG-33™ has been leading the way in innovations in safety, operation, and ease-of-use. Today, this distinguished unit is the #1 choice of discerning people around the world and the best unit of its kind money can buy. Model: MC-USCV-1 Upgraded NEW 2010 Platform Features Include: Computer controlled unit Strong, multi-level, redundant safety features Assembled with commercial-quality and solid state components Robust, air-tight, quiet, gas-sealed spark gap chamber--will never need adjusting Professional caliber cables available--protects vulnerable wires from wear and exposure Single Plug Cable connector eliminates user exposure to high-voltage Digital timer allows for settings up to 60 minutes “Pause” feature accommodates session interruptions The most diverse selection of cables available Each unit serialized and built in a dedicated, commercial, climate-controlled facility This unit includes the 2011 NEW Double Loop Cable System (5 Cables) Sun Loops Sizes: Large, Medium and Small Double Sunloop