Vectra Genisys Cold Laser in sale, Chattanooga

Chattanooga Vectra Genisys low level/cold laser (model #: 27812), class 3b with 9 diode (5 laser & 4 LED) cluster head. The laser diode wavelength is 850nm & produces 200mW while the LED wavelength is 670nm & produces 10mW (total power output is 1040mW). Can be used in pulsed mode (pulsed frequencies range between 8Hz-10,000Hz) or in continuous mode. Can pause/re-start therapy from hand applicator. Unit base displays real time feedback of dosage (joules or joules/cm2) being delivered. Contains user preset protocols but can also set, save & change parameters of programs. Comes with CD containing operating instructions. Please contact us for more information.