5 Tips For Reducing Anxiety

reducing-anxietyTaking a few simple steps can quickly reduce your anxiety levels. Although you might thrive off of experiencing stress the negative side effects of feeling anxious outweigh and motivational benefits. Take a deep breath. Focus on your feelings here and now. If you are experiencing even a trace of anxiety in this moment consider taking these steps to minimize your worries.

Meditate Frequently

Meditate to become aware of the thoughts and feelings which travel down your mental pike on a moment to moment basis. As a rule most people resist their emotions. Fighting stressful, worrisome feelings lends power to the lower energies in your being. Embrace your anxieties by meditating for 20 minutes daily. Expanding your awareness through meditation helps you pinpoint and embrace your emotions. Face, embrace and let go your anxieties to reduce your low energy feelings.

Sleep Sufficiently

Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours nightly reduces your anxiety levels. Sleep helps your body to recover after a long, potentially stressful day. Getting enough rest also renews your mind and recharges your brain. After dealing with family issues and work-related anxieties turn off the TV and hit the sack. Instead of waking up too early use the snooze button to steal 10 more minutes of sleep. The extra rest promotes peace of mind and bodily healing. This powerful 1-2 punch reduces your anxiety dramatically.


Use Supplements to Reduce Anxiety

Taking holistic supplements can calm your body and mind. Complement your mental homework by using supplements like blue lotus extract and St. John’s Wort to calm your frayed nerves and develop peace of mind. Ingesting supplements gives you the little extra kick you might need during particularly stressful times in your life. Losing a loved one or experiencing a difficult breakup can shake even the most calm, confident individual. Use supplementation in conjunction with a sound fitness and diet plan to ease your worries and kill your anxiety.

Exercise Frequently to Lessen Your Worries

Run, walk or sprint to burn off excess calories and nervous energy. Moving for a sustained period of time boosts your immune health and helps you let off steam from a stressful day. Exercise 4 to 5 times each week. Engage in cardiovascular activity for 30 or more minutes per session to improve your mood and figure. If you maintain a busy schedule exercise after you wake up to get in your cardio session. Moving around as little as 25 minutes a day has been shown to boost production of brain chemicals linked to improving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Consume healthy fats like olive oil and peanuts, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables and lean proteins like turkey and fish to feel better about yourself, shed fat and lessen your anxiety levels. What you choose to eat influences how you feel. Feasting on unhealthy, fatty, sugary foods alters your mood adversely. Cut out junk food. Eat healthy foods and drink at least eight glasses of water daily to feel energetic. Feeling healthy moves you into a higher, anxiety-reducing vibration.