E Cigarettes: Helping Save Lives from the Clutches of Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst addictions a person can take to. Not only does it harm your health, but it also affects you physically. Every person in the world knows exactly how harmful smoking cigarettes is, yet they do not know how or when to say ‘no’. It is a habit that needs to be nipped in the ‘butt’. Advertisements on hoardings, television commercials, statutory warnings in public places, everything warns you against smoking but still this deadly habit exists in society. Here are some of the ways in which smoking can harm you and the organs of your body.
Harm that smoking can cause your lungs
Smoking cigarettes can create a poisonous chemical concoction called ‘tar’ that covers the lungs and bronchi and leads to serious respiratory problems. The deadly chemical, hydrogen cyanide, irritates the lining of the bronchi causing coughing and also makes way for infection. Prolonged smoking produces smoke and tar that fills the lungs and with the passage of time, it blocks the process of cleansing and increases the risk of dangerous respiratory diseases like emphysema.

Harm that smoking can cause your heart
Smoking increases blood pressure and puts more pressure on your heart. The chemicals that you inhale while smoking cigarettes denies the blood, the oxygen it requires. This causes tremendous amount of stress and makes the heart beat faster than normal to make up for the shortage of oxygen. So, basically, people who smoke have greater chances of developing heart problems and a heightened risk of a cardiac arrest.
Harm that smoking can cause your brain
According to health organisations, the carbon monoxide present in cigarette smoke clings to blood cells better than oxygen does. Therefore, it restricts the required flow of oxygen to the brain.
Harm that smoking can cause your throat
The poisonous tar that that cigarette smoke contains, coats your throat and oesophagus. This increases the risk of oesophageal cancer and other throat related problems.
Harm that smoking can cause your abdomen and stomach
Smoking cigarettes triggers an increase in the acids in the stomach and abdomen which creates a favourable atmosphere for chronic ulcers and heartburn. According to health organisations, smoking can also cause pancreatic cancer.
Those who care about their health, try their best to quit smoking with aids like nicotine patches and gums. In the recent past, the e cigarette has helped a lot of smokers quit. These ‘cigarettes’ are battery operated and contain a liquid with only nicotine in it. The e cigarette liquids are available in various flavours, online, making it convenient for users to access it.