Foods That Reduce Headaches

Headaches can really put a damper on your day;  the constant throbbing makes it hard to focus on anything else, let alone enjoy your day. Rather than popping some chemically-induced pain reliever there are a number of natural ways to help reduce and relieve this pain in the neck (or head), and the best part is, you can consume it in your daily diet! Check out these amazing foods that can help kick your headache to curb!
1. Water
We all know we are supposed to drink eight, 8-10 ounce, glasses of water daily for optimum health, but did you know if you are not getting enough it could be one of the reasons why you are experiencing headaches. Dehydration is a known precursor for headaches; and if you are not drinking enough water you are dehydrated.  Most people try to quench their thirst with other drinks except water not realizing that they are only contributing more to dehydration.
Thirsty anyone?
2. Watermelon
Along the lines of number one, watermelon is a great food to help alleviate dehydration. This delicious melon is packed full of water. Plus watermelon has magnesium, which is another nutrient that can help reduce headaches.  Watermelon is also a very satisfy snack that is healthy.

3. Spinach
Popeye had it right when recommending spinach. Besides making you healthy and strong, spinach is also magnesium rich! Make a colorful salad full of fresh vegetables and top with sunflower seeds and you will have a magnesium powerhouse, warding off those unwanted headaches.
4. Baked Potato
Baked potatoes are another source to gain some extra headache deterrent. Eating the entire potato, yes we mean the skin! By doing so it allow you to take in a great serving of potassium, nearly doubling the intake you could get from a banana. Potassium is very important, especially if dehydration is a cause of the headaches because you lose this essential electrolyte during the process. If sweet potatoes are your thing, you are still in luck; the sweet potato is a great source of magnesium as well!
5. Wild Alaskan Salmon
Wild Alaskan salmon is another great food to consume if you are plagued with headaches. Salmon is rich with omega-3, a healthy fat, which has been shown to reduce headaches in frequency, duration and severity. Olive oil is another healthy fat which has good headache relief benefits.  Try switching out your usual cooking oil with the healthy Olive oil.
6. Hot Peppers
Some headaches are caused due to congestion and pressure in your sinuses - if that's the problem in your case, there is nothing better to clear out your sinuses than eating hot peppers! If the idea of eating a hot pepper is less than ideal, try a hot salsa or even a spicy Thai or Indian dish - the spiciness will help relieve pressure you are experiencing with your sinuses!  Cumin is an excellent spice to add some heat to your dish without having to eat the raw peppers.