The Healing Power of Music


For many of us music has that power of expressing emotions that words cannot express. For most of us there is also the healing power of music, that magic that goes in your system and heals any emotional pain we might be feeling and just turns it all around and you are able to overcome any period of darkness, music gives you the strength and a true empowering sensation.

Music resonates, it stays with you and can frame a special memory of your life. Music has the power of making your heart race with a fast rhythm of make you feel at ease with a slow and mellow symphony.

While it doesn’t revert the disease’s diagnosis it can have a high therapeutical value. Its ability to trigger memories, foster emotions and affect mood makes it a true healer of the heart. And sometimes and depending on the condition it is closely related to stress levels and how those are handled. Conditions like Dementia or even Diabetes find a great benefit from musical therapies. In the Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, music has shown to awaken many memories and feelings of joy. And in people with diabetes, music helps them stay in a good mental health which therefore helps maintain good blood glucose levels.


If you are like me, you like to have some instrumental music on the background while writing your blog, or simply going through your work tasks. To me, music is what keeps it all together, keeps me focused on what needs to be done. You know how Kevin Costner’s character says “clear the mechanism” in that movie “For Love of the Game”, muting everything negative and focusing on his throw? That’s what music does, it can mute out the negative thoughts and sensations of pain caused by high levels of stress or depression when you do your work or even better when you are going through a phase in a certain disease.

According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra (I know, cool last name for such a topic) cardiologist at the New England Heart and Longevity Center in Manchester CT, music can be like meditation. “Some people who practice yoga, for example, will put on sift music as well as massage therapists. So whether you’re doing yoga or meditating, the music in itself can have a favorable influence on your blood pressure”, he says. Music can be useful when lowering heart beats and blood pressure by reducing the adrenaline, cortisol and stress hormones.

Classical music is commonly recommended for this type of therapy, however you should choose whichever music makes you happy and makes you feel empowered. Since music doesn’t involve much of a logical process, when you listen to music you are exercising the right side of your brain which relates to images and is responsible for your dreams and expressive forms such as music and drawing making way for the healing process to take place.

So go ahead and find it if you haven’t already. The healing power of music is inside of everyone, it just takes the right tempo to use it correctly. Discount Medical Supplies is an advocate for all matters health and brings any useful information to their customers.